Sell bitcoin PayPal – Exchange Bitcoins to PayPal USD

Sell bitcoin PayPal – Exchange from Bitcoin to PayPal USD

PayPal exchanges are no longer supported

Unluckily PayPal has determined to restrict & close our PayPal account, because wij are a Bitcoin company, so the only option wij have, is to zekering supporting PayPal exchanges.

Hopefully there is light ahead. Wij a presently working night & day to introduce a better alternative: Credit card exchanges!

With that you will be able to exchange crypto coins with payouts to your Master or Visa credit card. Come in your email-address below, and you will hear from us when wij are ready with the fresh credit card exchange feature!

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Sell your Bitcoins for USD on your PayPal account – effortless, swift and secure here at

Whatever you have mined, exchanged or bought Bitcoins you can lightly sell your coins by exchanging them to US dollars through – your USD will be transfered to your PayPal account within 2-3 days (most exchanges are processed within 8 hours).

Embark exchanging Bitcoins to PayPal (USD) today!

  1. Go to the frontpage and begin your exchange by choosing “from Bitcoin” and “to PayPal”
  2. Come in the Bitcoin amount you want to exchange into US dollars on your PayPal account
  3. Come in your PayPal email address
  4. Click “Start exchange” and send your coins to the unique Bitcoin address provided to you
  5. After wij receive your coins wij will send the USD to your PayPal account

All PayPal accounts ter the world can receive US dollars. Afterwards you can lightly make a withdrawal to your local bankgebouw account directly from your PayPal account ter your local currency.

PayPal and Bitcoins facts

  • PayPal has 162 million active digital wallets and is available te 203 countries
  • PayPal support more than 25 currencies and wij treat all exchanges USD
  • PayPal wasgoed inveted 1998 and Bitcoin wasgoed inveted ter 2009
  • PayPal helps people and businesses accept and make payments ter more than 100 different currencies
  • The Bitcoin market cap are today more than 6,405,390,911 USD
  • The Bitcoin trading volume within 24 hours is more than 67,719,700 USD
  • The bitcoin technology is based on the blockchan while PayPal is based on normal peer-to-peer transactions

Exchange and sell any altcoin to US dollars through PayPal

Here at you can exchange Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dogecoin to USD through PayPal. You are free to exchange inbetween the different crypto currencies and can furthermore exchange your coins into real money transferred directly to you PayPal account.

How do i sell my Bitcoins with PayPal?

Actually it is quiet effortless. Commence by injecting the amount of BTC bitcoins you want to exchange to your PayPal account. Remeber that you PayPal account should be activated to receive money. After injecting the amount wij generated a unique deposit address where you should send your Bitcoins. When our system receive your Bitcoins wij commence the exchange veranderingsproces. Within 2-3 days and normally within only few minutes/hours your exchange is ended. Wij send your USD to the PayPal email-address that you come in when commencing your exchange. If wij not are able to finish the exchange wij will voeling you by email to your PayPal email-address. If the address not function spil your email-address then wij will wait until you voeling our support-team.

  • Supported coins
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
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  • Denmark
  • VAT: DK-36499362

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