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How does blockchain.informatie',s mixing service work?

Blockchain provides a mixing service.

How does it work?

Two Answers

Their collective sending feature simply combines payments from numerous users making it very difficult to know which funding inputs (Bitcoin addresses) were used to pay which outputs (Addresses being paid).

Think of it like collecting money at the office to pay for a coffee run. Five people are buying coffee, each costing $Trio.

Bob puts te a $Five, for a latte Alice puts te $Trio, for an espresso Carolyn puts ter $Ten for a cappucino

A driver goes to the coffee shop, the bill totals $9, so the $Ten bill is passed overheen and given out is a cappucino, an espresso and a latte. A $1 of switch is given back to the driver.

Back at the office the driver gives bob the $1 from the coffee shop plus a $1 that wasgoed received from Alice. The driver gives Caroylyn the $Five that came from Bob and two $1s that came from Alice. Each person gets their coffee.

That’s actually a very feeble example but it shows a real world example of how collective spending "mixes". It might look like Bob didn’t buy coffee from the store, but instead it looks like he bought it from Carolyn. And it looks like Alice bought from both Bob and Carolyn. But none of that is how it actually occurred because the funds were combined prior to making the purchase.

Some of the coins mixed ter are those arriving for on-time use address ter which the Blockchain wallet user has clicked the "Fresh Collective Address" option under Receive money. The amounts received will incur a toverfee.

Juist mij if I’m wrong with this example:

Cool jock, unbeknownst to anyone, actually likes wearing glittery t-shirts with unicorns on them when nobody is around. He doesn’t want anyone to know. He pays for t-shirt with bitcoins ter his blockchain.informatie wallet.

Without using blockchain.informatie’s Send Collective feature, someone could trace the transaction from the t-shirt store back to his wallet, embarrassing him to no end. If he uses Send Collective, however, blockchain.informatie will very first take the payment from him and waterput it ter a opbergruimte with a bunch of other payments getting ready to go out, wiggle the opbergruimte, and then pull out a payment to give to the t-shirt store on his behalf. Because this payment didn’t originally come from Jock’s wallet, it can’t be traced back to him.

Question: who does it get traced back to? If I’m using blockchain.informatie too, and my payment to the movie spel store wasgoed te that opbergruimte that got shaken-up, and it’s the one that got pulled out and sent to the T-shirt store, can it get traced back to mij?

(sorry – it’s the only example that popped into my head)

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