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29 Nov 2017 Bitcoin tops $Ten,000 milestone

By cracking the $Ten,000 mark the value of Bitcoin enhanced tenfold since the beginning of the year.

14 Aug 2017 Bitcoin price climbs overheen $Four,000

Since the beginning of the year the bitcoin price quadrupled. For the very first time it reached a value overheen $Four,000.

12 Jun 2017 Bitcoin reaches fresh all-time high: $Trio,000

After reaching the all-time high of $ Two,000 at end of May 2017, Bitcoin now passed the next milestone.

11 Apr 2017 Russia’s Finance Ministry: Cryptocurrencies may be recognized te 2018

Russia could accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies spil legitimate payment method ter the next year. By doing this they hope to advance te the fight against money laundering.

29 Mar 2017 CRYENGINE now accepts Bitcoin

The popular movie spel engine itself remains free of charge, but CRYENGINE now accepts donations ter bitcoins to support ongoing development. They also announced plans to extend the Bitcoin payment to the CRYENGINE Marketplace.

26 Nov 2016 Consulting hard EY Switzerland accepts Bitcoin

EY Switzerland (formerly Ernst &, Youthful) may be the very first advisory rock hard that permits its customers to lodge their bills with Bitcoins.

29 Apr 2016 Steam accepts Bitcoin

Valves Steam Toneel cooperates with Bitpay to permit its customers to buy games with Bitcoins

Legal Dec 2014 Major Tijdschrift Publisher to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Time Inc., publisher of e. g. for People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle and Time, now accepts bitcoin spil a payment.

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30 Nov 2017 Maintenance: Wij have moved our database

Wij moved our database to another server. Everything should be done now. Our crawlers are fetching trades of the last hour but this will take some more minutes due to API limitations of the exchanges. Wij will inform you once we’re up to date.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, sometimes referred to spil a cryptocurrency, best known spil the world’s very first truly decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin is traded on a peer-to-peer voet with a distributed ledger called the Blockchain, and the Bitcoin exchange rate to the US Dollar and other major currencies is determined by supply and request spil with other global exchange rates. The traded value of Bitcoin has proven volatile through various booms and busts te request. Ultimately, however, many see Bitcoin spil a store of value against government-backed fiat currencies.

Abbreviated spil BTC, Bitcoin is actively traded against the world’s major currencies across decentralized markets. Bitcoins are kept ter so-called Bitcoin wallets, which depend on private keys and cryptography to secure its Bitcoins to a specific entity or user.

By comparison to government-backed global currencies, Bitcoin remains fairly ingewikkeld for the typical user to acquire and use te regular transactions. Growing rente and significant global investments ter Bitcoin wallet and Blockchain technology have nonetheless made buying and selling Bitcoin far more accessible to the average user. And indeed growing acceptance by government entities have ameliorated the ambiguity of legal and regulatory status for Bitcoin and Bitcoin exchanges.

You can find historical price of Bitcoin on our chart and latest news and analysis on the Bitcoin exchange rate.

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The combination of current sentiment and latest switches gives us a stronger Bitcoin-bearish contrarian trading bias.

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