IBM Db2 Database

Use your gegevens on your own terms

About IBM Db2

Gegevens without thresholds

Massive scalability

Adapt and grow your business without needing to permanently reinvest.

Lithe Deployment

Store, manage and analyze your gegevens wherever and whenever it is most useful, efficient, and economical.


Continuously scale and switch with a company’s evolving needs ter an ever-changing world.


Liberate users to work across platforms, languages, and gegevens types te the environment they choose.

Continuous availability

Make access to business gegevens always available and increase customer satisfaction.

Continuous availability

Make access to business gegevens always available and increase customer satisfaction.

IBM Db2 Product features

In-memory technology from IBM provides breakthrough voorstelling by delivering actionable insights. It is certified by Vruchtensap and produces greater vertoning with fewer resources for your Vruchtensap investments. It is seamlessly integrated ter Db2.

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Transparently compress gegevens to decrease disk space and storage infrastructure requirements. Compression can also improve voorstelling, reduce elapsed time and significantly reduce processing power consumption.

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Helps switch the economics of continuous gegevens availability. It is designed for business processes that require high availability for online transaction processing (OLTP) to meet stringent market needs.

Greatly reduce the cost and risk of moving legacy applications built for the Oracle®, Database to Db2. Take advantage of many features such integrated security and encryption, autonomics, deep compression, IBM®, pureXML®, and much more. It permits you to use existing abilities for quick and effortless migration from Oracle Database.

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IBM Db2 Developer Community Edition

Develop, test and demonstrate your applications today.

IBM Db2 on Cloud

Industry-leading spectacle with unparalleled benefits for your organization.

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Db2 Contraptions

IBM database management instruments offerande integrated vormgeving, development, testing, monitoring and administration of database systems.

Db2 on Cloud

A fully-managed cloud database that deploys ter Trio clicks. Lightly scale CPU up or down and pay for what you use on a daily ondergrond. Entirely hassle-free.

Db2 Hosted

IBM hosts it, you manage it. Get the precies version of Db2 you want on a cloud server. Keep total control and install custom-built software.

Db2 Editions

Schedule a Consultation

A no-cost, one-on-one call with an experienced IBM experienced.

Learn how build and manage your OLTP databases ter a hybrid environment without sacrificing spectacle, security or scale.


IBM Db2 pureScale

Discusses collective gegevens scale-out clusters, spil well spil how they supply continuous availability and why they are significant for delivering scalable transaction processing support.

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Looking to develop applications on Db2

Embark building today with IBM Db2 Developer Community Edition, a no-charge utter feature version ideal for developers to go from build, test, and demonstrate quickly and lightly.

Connect your world with IBM Cloud Private and IBM Db2

IBM Db2 offers a multi-workload database management solution built on spectacle, plasticity and security, now on IBM Cloud Private. Fresh innovative capabilities and advanced features to meet requesting gegevens processing requirements on-premises or ter cloud.

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Customer Success Stories


Sicoob pulls out fresh growth and operational efficiency with an infrastructure transformation.

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China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.

China Minsheng Banking leaps ahead of the competition with truly nonstop services.

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YAZAKI Europe Limited

YAZAKI Europe Limited ensures rapid order fulfillment and quicker insights into business spectacle.

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