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Anyone mining bitcoin?

-==Offical Tegen ODEX Club Member No. 144==-

You are trading electrical fees for bitcoin.

Bitcoin price powerful fluctuation some more.

Unexpected surge thesis few months only.

Before that wasgoed sibei expensive where electrical fees >, bitcoin value

Only latest surge made it bitcoin value >, electrified fees

But nobody knows how long that will last spil well.

Intel Pentium 3805U @ 1.90GHz

Intel HD Graphics

8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3


Intel Display Audio

Windows Ten Professional 64-bit

-==Offical Contra ODEX Club Member No. 144==-

-==Offical Contra ODEX Club Member No. 144==-

80% efficiency would draw approx 625W from the mains.

-==Offical Contra ODEX Club Member No. 144==-

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