Bitcoin Company’s IPO Precedes Attaining 13

Australia’s largest mining technicus, Bitcoin Group Limited, recently announced that it has received approval from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for an Initial Public Suggesting (IPO), and listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

“On behalf of the Directors of Bitcoin Group, I am pleased to present to you, the chance to become a shareholder ter Bitcoin Group Limited, which presently is set to become the world’s very first Bitcoin IPO on a major global exchange.”

– Andrew Plympton, Bitcoin Group Chairman

The company presently has three key investors, Harry Wang, Managing Director of ANYING, Australia’s third largest money remittance company, Victor Huang, Managing Director of OzYu Entertainment &, Investment and OzStudy Group, an international education recruitment service and media agency, and Richard Gu, Managing Director of AXF Group, a conglomerate investment company that spans from real estate development into entertainment services.

The company plans to raise AU$20m, suggesting 100 million shares. The opoffering opens on Sept Four and closes on Oct 30 with an expected settlement date of Nov Four. Trading on the ASX is expected to commence on November 11, with a proposed symbol of BCG.

“The proposed IPO is on track to be oversubscribed with Bitcoin Group having already reached its ondergrens capital raising target.”

Managed by AFS Capital Securities, the IPO offers retail and institutional investors a 60.7% share of the company with 8.6% and 30.7% retained by the co-founders and existing shareholders, respectively.

The approval goes after a rocky begin, with two previous interim zekering orders from ASIC ter less than a month. The very first zekering order came ter February, a 2nd followed shortly after. Bitcoin Group had reportedly bot prematurely soliciting expressions of rente on social media.

ASIC Commissioner, John Price, stated that the company’s deeds “may influence the investment decisions of consumers who will not have the benefit of all material information that would be included ter a prospectus.”

Bitcoin Group has now successfully finished the prospectus, which shows that the company generates revenue from holding and transacting bitcoins acquired through its mining activities, derived from the operations of the Australian registered company, Bitcoin Mining Pty Ltd (BCM), which it acquired ter February.

“Falling electrical play costs, state-of-the-art mining equipment and expanding revenue are combining to create a positive [televisiekanaal profit after tax], which acts spil a solid foundation for the Bitcoin Group te the lead up to the company’s public opoffering.”

BCM is now the designated mining arm of Bitcoin Group, and conducts mining operations ter China and Iceland, with a pilot operation ter Australia. The five sites ter China account for overheen 98.5% of the company’s mining operations, the Australia webpagina consists of only one Mining Machine for display and testing purposes.

The Bitcoin network now processes an average of 100,000 Bitcoin transactions vanaf day, rewarding miners approximately 108,000 bitcoins every month. Spil of Sept 8, 14.59 million bitcoins have bot mined, and the Bitcoin Network generally releases 25 freshly minted bitcoins every Ten minutes.

“Bitcoin Group generates revenue by providing pc processing activities (Hash Power) for bitcoin generation and transaction processing services to a pool technicus that aggregates Bitcoin group’s Hash Power with other providers and provides this Hash Power to the public ledger system known spil the Bitcoin Blockchain … Bitcoin Group receives consideration for providing such Bitcoin mining activities ter the form of Bitcoins, less a Two.5% commission.”

According to the IPO prospectus, the company has purchased Trio,579 units of mining equipment including Ant Miner S5, S2, ASIC Miner Prisma and Dragon Miner equipment, but according to its webstek has a portfolio of 6,129 specialized mining machines, which amounts to 6.1 to 6.Three petahashes of mining equipment.

Today the company is responsible for approximately 1.57% of the global mining hashrate distribution, mines approximately 62 bitcoins vanaf day, and turned a gross profit of UA$431,000 ter the very first six months of 2015.

If the IPO is successful, the company has ambitious plans to substantially scale up its mining operation, raising the total number of units to just overheen 54,406 units by March 2016.

Bitcoin Group then expects to provide approximately 13.4% of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate. If this market share is reached, the company predicts a production level of 374 to 551 bitcoins vanaf day.

With this IPO, Bitcoin Group aims to become the “leading Bitcoin industry mining voertuig that is legitimate, accountable and ter line with its vision to make Bitcoin mining available to all investors,” according to CEO Samual Lee.

“This is good for investors who, ultimately, will be better placed to make informed decisions about the role and merits of a company like Bitcoin Group. Spil an industry leader and soon-to-be share market pioneer, wij play a critical role ter continuing to educate the market while providing investors access to an arousing, high-growth industry sector through a profitable investment voertuig.”

– Samual Lee, Bitcoin Group CEO

If the IPO is successful, the company could commence a trend ter the Bitcoin industry. “The public suggest will mark a significant milestone for our company and for the broader industry because it will help to advance latest regulatory initiatives by the Federal Government aimed at bringing clarity and accountability around the benefits of bitcoin to Australian consumers and businesses,” states Lee.

Albeit Bitcoin Group will be the very first major IPO ter its industry sector, it is not the very first cryptocurrency company listed on the ASX. Bitcoin rigid digitalBTC has bot trading on Australia’s preeminent exchange since June 2014.

DigitalBTC listed on the ASX Te June 2014, after Macro Energy acquired the company’s parent, Digital CC, spil part of a $9.1m capital raising. The switch sides takeover has seen Macro renamed digitalBTC. The company’s Founder, Zhenya Tsvetnenko, said digitalBTC could have listed on the ASX through an IPO, but he wasgoed interested ter partnering with Navitas chief executive Rod Jones and Mirabela Nickel chairman Craig Burton, who were key backers of Macro Energy.

DigitalBTC’s core specie generator at the time of the listing wasgoed Bitcoin mining, but it has since moved to providing software solutions te the remittance and digital currencies sector.

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