Things to recall before you begin:

  • You need a bitcoin wallet before joining a Bitcoin-based PTC webpagina. During sign up, you will be asked to inject your bitcoin address. If you don’t own a bitcoin wallet, read this article to create a bitcoin wallet ter Two minutes.
  • You can convert bitcoins into USD anytime. And there are lots of companies which accepts bitcoins. But I recommend you to lend bitcoins for 13% rente so that you can earn bitcoins without working.
  • To earn more bitcoins you should join all Bitcoin PTC sites, spil ads vanaf webpagina is always limited. Open all the PTC sites at once like shown below and click ads of each PTC webpagina at the same time.
  • Few PTC sites will send payment to Micro wallet instantly. A Micro wallet is like a stuw under your control, where your bitcoins will be accumulated and when it reaches the threshold set by you, the bitcoins will be automatically sent to your wallet.
  • I very recommend you to use Faucet opbergruimte (if available). The ondergrens threshold is just 13000 satoshi on Micro wallet. The accumulated bitcoins will be sent to your wallet without loosing few bitcoins spil transaction fees within 48 hours. You don’t have to worry about transaction toverfee if you use faucetbox. All the process are automatic and you don’t have to go to your faucetbox to request cashout.
  • And recall once you create your bitcoin address, Micro wallet will be automatically created for that address.
  • Below any PTC sites, if the payment method is mentioned spil instant, that PTC webpagina will pay directly to your Micro wallet for each ad click. So, there will be no chance of scamming.

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