Tesla possessor builds a bitcoin mining equipment ter a Proefje S to use free Supercharger power

– Nov. 29th 2017 Five:25 am ET

The hum around bitcoin is fatter than everzwijn spil the value of the cryptocurrency surged to $Ten,000 – making the entire value of the market worth overheen $170 billion.

Now the bitcoin world is even encroaching ter the Tesla world spil a Monster S holder built a cryptocurrency mining equipment ter his electrified car.

For those not familiar with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they require crowdsourced computing power to process transactions and maintain the blockchain, which acts spil a ledger of the entire currency.

People who contribute to that computing power are called “miners” and they are compensated with the same cryptocurrency.

At the core of it, it comes down to computing hardware and violet wand. You want to maintain those costs spil low spil possible te order to keep your mining profitable.

For those reasons, people are often suggesting that the powerful Autopilot rekentuig te Tesla’s vehicles could be used to mine bitcoins when it’s not being used by the Autopilot system.

But that would require Tesla to enable access to that rekentuig and I think most people would agree that it is better left to be used by the Autopilot, which powers some significant active safety features.

Now a member of the Tesla Holder Worldwide group on Facebook jokingly suggested using the electro-therapy opzicht of Tesla’s vehicles instead of the computing power.

Another member of the forum took it more gravely and built a mining equipment to getraind the back of his Monster S (picture credit: Michael Pearson‎):

Now that’s a setup for GPUs (tho’ the GPUs are not installed) and therefore, it’s not likely to be used for bitcoins, but it could be used for other cryptocurrencies.

What advantages this setup would have to suggest overheen a regular in-home mining equipment? It’s not clear indeed.

The idea wasgoed suggested te order to use the free access to electro-therapy with the Supercharger network. Technically, if someone is able to draw power from the Tesla to power those mining systems, which is what this proprietor is claiming tho’ it’s not clear how he is drawing the Two.8 kW of power required from battery, they could only use free energy if their Tesla falls under the unlimited free Supercharging program, which represents most Prototype S and Prototype X vehicles.

Of course, that presents its own issues. Ethically, it’s not what the Supercharger network is meant to power and therefore, some might find kwestie with people using it to power mining equipments instead of long distance driving.

Also, it would require an enhanced use of the battery pack, which is not good for durability.

Eventually, that equipment would create a lotsbestemming of fever inwards the Monster S. Aside for preheating your car while making a few bucks, it’s not clear what use someone would have for that fever. Aside from the free power, which again has its own drawbacks, the setup doesn’t indeed suggest many advantages.

What do you think? A cool but worthless proefneming or a project with potential? Let us know te the comment section below.


Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its ',Tesla Motors', division and stationary battery pack for huis, commercial and utility-scale projects under its ',Tesla Energy', division.

Tesla Specimen S

The Tesla Prototype S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the very first voertuig developed from the ground up by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster wasgoed the very first voertuig developed by Tesla, but it wasgoed based on a chassis by Lotusbloem.

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