Peercoin Pool Mining Guide

Peercoin is a hybrid Proof-Of-Work / Proof-Of-Stake coin that uses the same proof-of-work algorithm spil Bitcoin. This means you can mine Peercoin with GPUs, FGPAs and ASICs using Bitcoin mining software. Through Peercoin’s enhancing popularity, the transition to proof-of-stake, and the decreasing terugwedstrijd on mining, competition for blocks becomes more fierce.

Even with powerful hardware it is difficult to mine alone. Mining pools combine the power of all participants to find blocks, and share the prize proportionally based on shares. Thesis guides vertoning you how to poolmine at some of the largest PPC pools. Also make sure to take a look at our Minting Guide, spil you can also earn up 1% on top of your mining prizes.

1) Set up a Peercoin wallet

Two) Sign up at a mining pool

You can find a list of pools te the resources pagina. Here you can find instructions to join some of thesis pools.

Ecoining Pool

· Go to the pool webstek: and sign up [1]. A valid email address is not required, but it is recommended if you wish to receive worker and pool notifications or reset your password te the future. You should also inject a Four number Speld that will be required to switch your payout address and for manual payouts. Don’t leave behind to read and accept the Terms and Conditions [Two].

· Loom ter and setup your workers clicking the “My Workers” section [1]. Add a different worker for every machine you mine with. Here you can activate the worker monitoring, which will notify you if your workers zekering mining [Two].

· Click on “Edit Account” [1] and set up your wallet address [Two]. Here you can also set up your payout threshold, which determines the account balance required for an automatic payout to your private address. You can also add a donation percentage to help with the pool’s operational costs. Keep te mind that you will need to inject the Four digit Speld [Trio] every time you want to switch thesis settings.

· Now just point your BFGminer/CGminer to “-o stratum+tcp:// -u username.workername -p workerpassword”. If you have any doubt or suggestion voeling us at or use the voeling form ter the pool.

Thanks for your support!

D7 Pool

Go overheen to the pool webstek: and sign up

Set up your wallet address and specify a ondergrens payout, pack te 1. Don’t leave behind to press update after setting both the fields.

Your workers are here, you can mine on numerous PCs. Recall the worker’s details. Leave the difficulty spil is.

Download the software from here. The verbinding is where arrow Two points to. The pool settings are where arrow Trio points.

Download the zip opstopping, and save it to C:/Peercoin. If the verkeersopstopping downloaded without a .zip extension, rename it and add .zip to the end of the filename. Samenvatting the archive and open the folder “ppc”.

For the very first worker, no setup is required! Just dual click embark.bat and you should see this

Te the above photo [Two] displays the mining rate and [Trio] are submitted shares accepted by the pool!

Now to add another worker, create a worker on the pool webstek and reminisce the details. Right click the commence.bat verkeersopstopping and click edit, press OK on the dialog. Now edit the text behind the -u (see [Three]) and -p (see [Four]) flags to the settings of the fresh worker.

Save, klapper embark.bat and you are mining!

You can see your results on the very first pagina, see picture one!


– Electroneum pool is now open. Electroneum pool toverfee is 0% for a week.

Spil this currency is not tradeable on Bittrex, Poloniex, Yobit, wagen exchange is not supported.

Electroneum prize distribution and payouts are temporarily disabled due to wallet’s precision problem. Mining is working well

– Enable OTP at Edit Account pagina. Backup secret key! If you didn’t backup secret key, disable OTP and enable OTP again to write down secret key.

Automaat switching ports vanaf algo. Sorted for AMD GPU

Quick embark guide

  1. Sign up
  2. Set the coin you want to get at Wagen Exchange pagina. (Optional)
  3. Embark mining
    • Elementary coin mining (Port 20XXX )

    Select any coin and check its port number. Just commence mining with suitable miner and algo right away.

  4. Algo switch mining (Port 17XXX )
  5. Wij provide wagen switching port for each algo. Thesis ports switch coins time to time to mine the most profitable coin. Best for Rental, ASIC, FPGA miners.

  6. Multi-algo switch mining (Port 12XXX )
  7. You can mine different algo coins by using Hub feature, or third party mining helper programs. Good for GPU miners but need some skill to set up and optimize.

  8. Use mining helper program
  9. Benchmark GPU show, automaat download miner programs and multi algo switch based on profitability

  10. Awesome Miner (Thanks to awesomeminer)
  11. Profit switching, farm managements

  12. NemosMiner (Thanks to minerx117)
  13. Multi algo profit switching for NVIDIA miners

  14. Learn more about mining optimization.
  15. Coin mining status and profits. Sorted for AMD GPU

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    2500-5000 visitors a day! You can buy any of the ad catches sight of on the pagina for only 0.01 BTC/spot/day.

    Voeling mij at [email ,protected] and wij’ll sort it out.


    Welcome to GranatGas-pool that made from yiimp fork source code, profit auto-switching with real time gegevens. you can watching on found block that it’s having actual reloading every 2nd with moving time ter 2nd. wij paying only on DASH presently, soon will be added if this wasgoed needed. Get coin more swifter within every Three hours wij payout te, and lowest ondergrens balance 0.01DASH to paid out spil user, so they not to be waiting long time to get their fund. Blessed mining and keep to get the profit


    Welcome to Multipoolв„ў, the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Mine your beloved coin, or point your miners at one of our Multiportsв„ў and always be mining the most profitable coin! Get your coins quicker! Most of our currencies pay out after 20 confirmations or fewer. Hold the currencies you want to use or think will appreciate ter value, and sell the surplus before other pools dump!

    NiceHash / WestHash

    (Lyra2RE / X11 / NeoScrypt / Scrypt-N / Qubit / X15 / Scrypt / Quark / X13 / Lyra2REv2 / SHA-256)

    Welcome to NiceHash! NiceHash is the very first real crypto currency cloud mining service. Wij do not opoffering you to buy or sell equipments, wij offerande you to buy or sell hashing power directly. Why bother renting equipments, when you can rent hashing power? NiceHash brings more to renters and equipment owners.


    (Quark / X13 / Argon2 / SHA-256 / Lyra2REv2 / X11 / NeoScrypt / Scrypt / Qubit / X15)

    From the makers of wij bring you zpool – the miners multipool! No registration is required, payouts are made to the BTC address you mine with spil your username. Payouts are made automatically every Two hours for all balances above 0.001 and balances less than 0.0001 are paid on Sunday. There is an initial delay before the very first payout spil coins you mine need to mature then, exchange and get returned to zpool, please wait at least 24 hours before asking for support.



    Prohashing is a mining network that always mines the most profitable coins and pays out members ter any currencies they choose. Prohashing provides the most detailed statistics of any pool and has a total time staff dedicated towards ensuring the pool is the most effortless to use, profitable, and stable.


    Wij are a stable, quick and secure mining pool with low fees of 1.5%!


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    DashMiner is a unique AMD GPU mining multipool


    Welcome to Infernoman’s Multipool


    Welcome to ItalYiiMP, the original profit-switching autotrade cryptocoin mining pool. Get payed te your beloved coin or ter BTC and always mine the most profitable coin! Get your coins quicker! Payout each 12 hours for amount above 0.01 BTC. Support ter English French Spanish Portuguese German Italian @ write to @ [email ,protected]

    Choose currency and autoswitching separately for each miner

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    Sleek currency switching (no missed jobs during switchover on large ASICs)

    Multi Coin Mining Pool

    Multipool is the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Mine your dearest coin, or point your miners at one of our Multiports™ and always be mining the most profitable coin!

    MultiAutoSwitchpool with supported x11 for mine, let’s mine with us..

    Wij pay only with DASH

    1% toverfee for AutoSwitch

    Scrypt, Sha256, X11, Quark, Qubit, Nist5, Neoscrypt pool mining, multiport or dedicated pool mining. With Currency Convertion Service

    SHA – SCRYPT – SCRYPT-N Pools and more. Just one Frontend. German &, Englisch Support and Forum.

    A top mining pool suggesting a broad range of SHA256, Scrypt, X11 and X13 coins all using a single account and webstek. All pools have 0% toverfee’s!

    Hamster on our fresh pool!

    Wij have an AutoSwitcher, possibility to Auto-Exchange into Bitcoins, Cryptsy Integration, Pot System, SSL-encryption, DDOS-Protection and much more!

    Wij support, petite and freshly developed coins, alongside established coins.

    Multi-coins, multi-algo mining pool – NL servers. Low fees. Instant meteen to wallet payout. no registration, no setup required

    Pool sans inscription avec plus den 25 monnaies,Paiements automatique toutes lesuur 30 minutes! Pool without registration with more than 25 coins,Automatic payments every 30 minutes!

    Here at, wij host fresh coin launches spil well spil your beloved coins, too!

    Multi-coins, multi-algo mining pool – zonderling coins. EU stratum. Powerful NOMP backend. Low fees. Instant ongezouten to wallet payout. no registration, no setup required

    A profit seeking automaat switching multiport multipool.

    Wij presently opoffering Five automaat switching algo ports. Normal rates 2%.

    Wagen Exchanging Profit Switching Pool that pays ter BTC – X11,X13, and Scrypt! NO SIGN UP.

    Neoscoin mining pool multi algo

    xpool offers Three different sets of coins to mine. SHA256, Scrypt and X11 and get paid ter DRK!

    The best existing Monero pool since the very begin. Use this one with no hesitation.

    — About totally 130 currencies is avaliable

    — Different autoswitching ports, with different rules for autoswitching.

    Welcome and thank you for visting. is a trusted mining pool provider for various cryptocurrencies all of which contain non mandatory pool fees and utilise the proportional payout method. solely rely on member donations/advertising prizes to assist with ongoing costs related to the operation of all mining pools, please consider donating. Wij hope you love this mining pool!

    Latest News

    posted 09/29/2017 14:50:03

    Would you like to mine this coin and don’t have mining hardware? or maybe you would like add extra hash power without purchasing mining hardware. recommends using Mining Equipment Rentals to connect to our mining pools, click the below picture to embark mining today.

    posted 06/25/2017 17:24:38

    Unluckily overheen the last week has bot a target​ to numerous DDoS attacks.

    posted 04/25/2017 13:34:35

    Like this mining pool? Why not donate to support ongoing costs to keep this mining pool operational.

    posted 02/12/2016 Ten:56:13 is pleased to announce that all of our mining pools are now tooled with anti-ddos protection, this security improvement is targeted to increase trust and security for members. would like to thank members for their loyalty to this mining pool.

    posted 02/01/2016 22:58:54 has suffered from an utterly large targeted network attack, spil result of this attack our previous hosting company determined to terminate our account. Since this attack wij have located another hosting company containing improved security and have bot working hard to recover from the incident. hope to have our mining pools up and running spil soon spil wij possible are able to.

    Wij would like to thank members for their patience during this period.

    posted 11/24/2015 13:20:25

    So that remains current and up to date with popular crypto coins wij have now introduced a 60 day idle rule on all of our mining pools. This means if a mining pool has not located a confirmed block te the last 60 days (or more) the mining pool will be closed and a fresh coin/mining pool will be introduced to take its place.

    posted 11/17/2015 23:21:52 would like to inform members that there is a need for a brief maintenance period for our servers. Wij will do everything te our power to keep the maintenance spil brief spil possible.

    The maintenance will take place on Thursday, 19th November 2015 at 07:00 UTC.

    The offtime is expected to last no longer than Five to 15 minutes.

    posted 11/14/2015 21:44:17

    Members please note that stratum ports have recently bot modified to include the addition of two fresh difficulty settings. It is recommended that members check their miner connection settings to ensure that the juist difficulty/port is specified.

    posted Ten/23/2015 22:03:42 has undertaken maintenance on our servers to ensure the latest software is utilised and that spectacle is improved.

    Wij would like to thank members for their patience during the latest switches.

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